Superfan-Indias First Super Efficient Ceiling Fan with Remote. The cool feature of Superfan is remote control operation. Apart from the comfort, the remote saves the cost of regulator by eliminating it, some power loss at regulator and precious space on the switch board. The remote is ergonomically designed to fit into the palm and offer easy access to the keys.

Superfan are now widely preferred in Offices, Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants, Schools and college class rooms as it is energy efficient, easy to use, low noise and comes in a range of fun colours to complement and enhance the air flow compared to other normal fans. They are available in three series - Super A, Super X and Super V.

Super-X Series

  • High Speed, more air
  • Suitable for bedrooms, cabins, restaurants, hotels and hospitals
  • SPAN-1200mm(48in)
  • POWER-35w
  • SPEED-385rpm
  • AIR-220CMM

Super-A Series

  • Good air circulation, low noise
  • Suitable for bedroooms, offices and atrconditioned rooms
  • Natural breeze and fine speed control options
  • SPAN-1200mm(48min)
  • POWER-35w
  • SPEED-350rpm
  • AIR-220CMM

Super-V Series

  • Wide atr circulation
  • Suitable for drawing and dining halls, class rooms and public places
  • SPAN-1400mm(56in)
  • POWER-40W
  • SPEED-280rpm
  • AIR-270CMM

Available Colors